Abandonded Walmart Turned Into Nation’s Largest Single Floor Library

While looking through my Facebook feed today, I came across an article shared by a classmate from UT.  It seems an abandoned Walmart in McAllen, Texas has been re-modeled and turned into the largest single floor public library in the nation.  Very impressive if you ask me.  The library is sleek and modern, with facilities and offerings to rival the biggest multi floor city libraries.

The article brings up the point that there are large, abandoned big box stores across the nation that could be converted to libraries in areas that need them.  After all, it’s a lot easier to convert a building that already exists than to start from scratch.  I think it’s a wonderful idea really.

The article, which features pictures and other details, can be read here.


6 thoughts on “Abandonded Walmart Turned Into Nation’s Largest Single Floor Library

  1. This is really cool! Big Box sore locations being used for education is truly inspiring and I would love to see it happen more across the country.

    • I would too. We don’t have any that I can think of near me, plus we have so many branch libraries of the county system already that are struggling for funding, but I know there are other towns and areas in my state that could use them.

    • Really? That’s great! We had an abandoned K-Mart and Winn-Dixie down the road from me, but other companies took them over. My area of Pasco already has about three branches of the County system already, plus the city library anyway (and they’ve been debated the closer of the Centennial Branch for some time). But I can see more rural areas of the sate copying this.

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