QR Codes in Libraries

At the request of my good friend Daylina, AKA The Steampunk Journalist, I’m doing a follow up post on using QR codes in libraries.  I hadn’t realized that I didn’t discuss it in the post I made for my class.  I think that’s becuase it was a discussion board topic and I forgot to add my thoughts to my previous post.

I think one of the first things they can be in is flyers for library events.  Flyers and posters on upcoming events are common and adding a QR code linking to a blog entry or Facebook event page with more details is a great idea.  And it’s easy!  If the event is something that patrons must sign up for, the QR code can link them to an online sign up sheet even.

A second way to use QR codes in libraries is to link to book trailers for new books.  Publishers are now making book trailers to advertise new books by new authors or new books by established popular authors.  While doing a display of new additions the the library’s collection, you can include a flyer with QR codes linking to the trailers for those books that have them.  This is especailly good for teens to get them reading new authors or genres.

If you library is doing an event in conjuction with Teen Read Week or Banned Books Week, you can have QR codes linking to information about the event on the American Library Association’s webiste, or other Association website.  Perhpaps a funny video to get people interesting made by library staff, or even the staff of another library that you found on Youtube.

I fourth option is in advertising instrucional videos made by the staff.  For my class I had to make one such video using JING, a free to download software that allows the user to take screencaps of video of what is happening on thier computer screen (to be detailed in my next post, or the one after).  In conjuction with my video I had to make a companion flyer to get the word out about my video with a QR code linking to the video online.  This would be a great way to show patrons “How to” videos made by the staff.

There are probably more ways to use QR codes, but those are the four I can think of right now.  I’m sure more ways to use them will come to mind as I see them being utilized more, but until I can read them myself, I might be thinking very limitedly.


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