I Finally Know What a QR Code IS!

I meant to post this weeks ago.  OK, months ago, but I never got around to it.  I fell behind in cross posting.  It’s from my Media class.  I had to learn how to make a QR code one week.  Since I promised to post everything from my class blog here, here it is.

I’m rather new to this whole QR code thing.  Until this assignment I wasn’t sure if that’s what those little black and white pixelated boxes I was seeing all over the place were called, and I certainty didn’t know what it stood for.  Despite being a millennial, my knowledge of such tings is limited.  I don’t have a smart phone, wouldn’t know how to send a text if my life depended on it, and have just never gotten the fascination with having a phone that did more than make calls.  I guess I’m the exception to the rule.  Maybe it comes from being raised by a Baby Boomer and a traditionalist.  Maybe not.

This QR code will take you to my Google site, but I have no clue if it works.   My classmates said it did…


3 thoughts on “I Finally Know What a QR Code IS!

  1. It works! I love QR codes. I made one that directs people to my website from my business card. I’d love to see a post on whats that libraries/librarians can make use of them.

  2. You, know I think I have that post written already. I’ll have to check. I know we discussed it, if not I can always do a follow up post. We mainly talked about using them for advertising programs.

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