The following post is from my blog for my Preparing Instructional Media class.  I had to create two presentations, one using Powerpoint and the other using Prezi.   Prezi is a completely online software for creating presentations that can be accessed from any computer.  It is a “cloud” based way of making presentations.  My presentations were on Steampunk.  My Prezi can be viewed here.  I’m sure my classmates now think I’m a huge geek, but that’s OK, since it went over so well with them.  Seems Steampunk was new to most of them.  And so, without further gilding the lilly, and no more ado, I give you my comparison of Prezi and Powerpoint. (One Geek point to whomever can name what move I’m referencing here)

Now that I have used Preze and Powerpoint, I can see the differences of both.  Prezi is more fluid and free flowing it seems.  More modern.  While Powerpoint is the standard slides that some might consider to be “old school”, even though Powerpoint has evolved with the times and each new edition of Office.  I feel both are relatively easy to use once you get the hang of things.  Instructional “How to” videos can be found on Prezi’s site and ones for Powerpoint can be found on Youtube for those who need them.  I found the Prezi videos quite helpful.

Both can be used for educational presentations by teachers and librarians, by students presenting projects and reports, and in the business world.  Both can be used for self guided presentations such as the one we did, or for ones given by someone to a group.  They can be used to give instructions or summarize main points or to give statistics.  I think the uses are endless for both really.

I feel the intended audience is about the same: people who need to make presentations for work or school.  Older generations might gravitate toward Powerpoint more due to familiarity and it’s tried and true reputation.  That’s not to say that younger generations won’t use it as well.  Prezi is still new and none of my friends have not heard of it yet, so while it might appeal more to younger generations due to it’s web based format and social aspect, it might take a while to catch on.

I think I like Powerpoint best, but that’s only because I am more familiar with the software having used it since high school.  I would, however, use Prezi in the future.  I like the work space it provides and the way you can connect and group things together.  I did not like it’s “themes” I would have rather picked the font and color of everything individually then have it changed by a set theme.  While I liked some of their color themes, I didn’t like how things seemed to be preset to a specific color in that theme when selected.  If they are changeable, I didn’t notice.  I’d like to become more familiar with Prezi so that I can use it after graduation, but in the meantime will probably stick with Powerpoint.

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