Another Semester Over…And a New One’s Just Begun

One more semester over with and another begins.  I think I’ve used that first line and title already, but for the life of me I can’t remember! *looks back through pots*  Phew!  I haven’t!  That was a close one.  *looks around nervously*

I  finished the Spring semester with a 97 in my Library Administration class and a 99.2 in my Young Adult Books class.  Pretty good if you ask me.  And tomorrow I start Preparing Instructional Media, my summer elective.

I’ve looked over the assignments for my media class and it looks like I’l be learning a few things I didn’t know as well as reinforcing a few things I already did.  So a good mix.  I have to have a blog in that class on Blogger.  It says you can use a preexisting one, but I don’t feel like changing the name of this one to Villy_LIS6303.  I’ll repost everthing for that class here though since it will be related to LIS.  I will be making a QR code and a Wiki.  This is kind of funny, because I don’t even have a phone that will read the QR code or the codes of my fellow classmates so I won’t get to try them out. I have two assignments, or Modules, due next week.  After than I have one due every week except week 6.

I have Module 1 ready to submit for next week, it’s just a list of my blog, Google site url, and  blog RSS.  Next I have to find three articles on Web 2.0 or emerging technologies in libraries, which is proving to be easier said than done.  I’ve found over a 1000 articles, but finding ones that focus on using such things in libraries is a little more difficult.  These assignments always look better on paper. *sigh*

I have another one of those dreaded group projects.  Unfortunately, the friend I took this class with and I are NOT in the same group.  Never fails.

*raises glass*  Here’s to the start of a new semester.


2 thoughts on “Another Semester Over…And a New One’s Just Begun

  1. Congratulation on your As in Library Admin and Young Adult Books! It sounds like your summer class will be fun. I’m taking an elective over the summer too, Libraries & Museums as Cultural Institutions. I have heard wonderful things about Dr. McCook, the instructor. Now that I’m living in the DC area, I think this class will be an awesome one to be in. We are visiting 3 sites and reporting on them. I selected the Philips Collection (modern art museum), the National Museum of American History, and the Arlington Cemetery. I am happy to report no group projects for my class. I feel your pain with having to do one for your class. In my last class, there were 5 of us in my group, and 1 member didn’t “show up” for the eluminate live presentation we had to give, so ended up giving my part and hers. Ugh.

    • I’ve heard excellent things about D. McCook as well. I’ll be taking her Seminar in Public libraries in the fall. The reference librarian at the library I volunteer at couldn’t say enough good things about her classes. I hated that project in Org. Knowl. It was so much work. We had one woman in our class who was out of town and at a hotel trying to do her part and she kept getting kicked off the Internet, but she got through her part for her group at least. I think there are six in my group this time, one I know from YA books so that’s good. But still, I thought working in groups was the something we learned right after “sharing is caring” in Kindergarten?

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