Marketing your library: From Social Media to Trading Cards

I spent the week working on my paper for Library Administration, entitled Marketing Your Library.  I put a special focus on using Social Media to promote the services your library offers by talking about famous libraries that implement and support it’s use.  I also found some articles that mentioned some pretty interesting marketing techniques.  Two of which are from Carelton University in Northfield, Minn.

A small Private Univeristy that is even smaller than my alma matter, The University of Tampa (go Spartans!), Carelton’s  Laurence McKinley Gould (Am the only one who though of Stargate?)  has one of the most creative marketing techniques I’ve ever seen.  The librarians there have put themselvs on anime inpsired trading cards.  The cards are very popular with students and visitors.  Some have even asked for a full set.  The librarians will even autograph them.    Puala Wasley’s article in Chronicle of Higher Education details the endeavor.

They also hold cultural events.  On Shakespeare’s supposed birthday they held a party, complete with a staging of the last scene from Hamlet.  And for Scottish poet Robert Burns, the party included bagpipes and haggis. (From 2006 A Wall Street Journal Article by Christopher Conkey).  This library must be a happenin’ place!  UT’s Macdonald-Kelce library wasn’t nearly as cool (and seriously needs a weeding).  They definately win my vote for most creative marketing techniques.

If we wanted events like this at UT, the English and Writing department had to host and plan them themselves, and that meant that our chapter of the honor society Simga Tau Delta had to do the work.  Or as we loving called ourselves, STD.  Leave it to a bunch of writters and literature lovers to make puns out of our society’s name.

I also mentioned the 23 Things project designed to make librarians and wokers familiar with Social Media.  To read my adventures with the 23 Things, read my posts with the Tag 23 Things.  Only needed to do 7 for my Foundations class, but have done a couple others since and mean to finish the lsit.  Eventually.


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