Why do I get the feeling the disscussion board is going to be the death of me?

Before this semester, I didn’t mind the class discussion boards that went along with my online classes.  I’ve posted in forums for years so talking to people in other parts of the state for a few participation points didn’t faze me.  But it’s starting to get annoying in my Library Administration class.

In Foundations, we had to answer a question each week that went along with our readings and respond to, I think it was at least two of our classmates (correct me if I’m wrong, Professor).  It was an easy three points in my opinion.  I didnt’ see why my friend, who had already taken the class, hated the online classes and the discussion board. 

In Basic Information Sources and Organization of Knowledge we didn’t have a disscussion board component.  It was there, but we didn’t have to make any set posts and there were no weakly discussions.  It was mainly a place to post questions about assingments and share articles that we found that were helpful to our research.

In Library Administration and Books and Materials for Young Adults, I have to answer weekly questions for points.  I logged in on a Monday night after working all weekend to find that I had 50 posts in one class and 75 in the other.  I sometimes have more than one question a week in each to keep up with.  In YA books, each forum is for a new question, even if we have more than one for the week, and we start our own threads.  It’s nice and tidy and well organized.  Not in Admin.  We have one forum a week, the professor posts her questions in it, each as a new thread.  And we have to respond to that thread.  Unfortunately, it makes it almost impossible to keep up with a particular person’s post and your classmate’s reactions.  It’s a mess really, in my opinion.

 This past weekend I logged in on Monday night and found 70 posts in Library Admin and another 30+ in YA Books.  I got through half of the posts in Admin and called it a night since it was late.  Yesterday morning, there were an additonal 7.  It’s starting to get annoying to keep up.  Plus, sometimes I have no clue how to answer the questions, especially when they are about reading from two weeks ago.  Why not post those questions when we actually do the reading and it’s fresh in our minds instead of weeks later?  She also expects about 8-12 responses, and it can be tricky to come with something at times.  We have to say more than “I agree” or “I disagree”, but sometimes I can’t think of a damn thing to say on anyone’s posts.  For only 5 points, it can be a lot of work to read everything and find something you can make a substansive response to.  I should also say that these forums are open for two weeks, and then another one opens so we do get more than a week to post, but she likes us to post on the first couple days.

The problem keeping up in the other class is the ammount of posts a classmate does.  She responds to almost everything.  She says more than “I agree with you” or “I disagree” but still, do you really have that much to say?  Besides, the professor said we only get a point for doing our initial post anyway.  Why make it harder for your classmates to keep up?

I guess I’m just afraid I won’t be able to keep up and I won’t get my participation points.  And as points go, these are probably the easiest to earn in any class I’ve ever had.  If I’m going to lose points on something, I’d rather it be on some paper for an improper citation or something a little tricky.

Ok, I think I’m done complaining now.


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