And we’re off…

Semester two is well underway and off to a good start.

Unfortunately, I need a new computer.  Since my last post, my computer stopped turning on and Best Buy says it needs a new mother board.  It’s almost cheaper to get a new one .  I’ve tried to see if I can’t get it on since my friend, who is a computer tech, looked at it and said it will turn on every 100 or so pushes of the button.  So far, no dice.  I’ve been using my Dad’s and he’s getting anxious that I get my own again.  He’s not the sharing type and he things that since his is the same brand as mine, it will break now.  He doesn’t understand that a laptop is a sophisticated piece of equipment and anything can happen, and that in the almost three and a half years that I’ve had it, I used it a LOT for school.  I mean the damn thing was on all day every day when I was at UT.  I turned it off before bed to give the thing a rest and save some energy.

Back to school stuff.  Library Administration has two textbooks I have to read, but it isn’t as much as my Org Knowl class was with two textbooks.  The amount of articles I have to read for it is slim with only one every couple of weeks.  I can easily get it down in two days, not like before.  Some of the stuff is a little confusing, but I’m getting through it.

Books and Related Materials for Young Adults has one textbook, but requires that I read 24 novels from 16 different genres.  I’ve read six so far.  The first 12 reviews are due the day after my birthday (March 6) so I have a few more weeks.  I need to go to the library to get more books.  I don’t know what to read for some of the categories.  And I have to be able to reference the list I got it off of.  Weather that’s a list of best books from the ALA, YALSA, FLA, VOYA, or some other site.

I also returned to my old high school Media Center twice in the last couple of weeks.  Once was to observe the place for an assignment for YA books and the second was on Tuesday to help with Inventory.  Mrs. McNulty, the Media Specialist who was there when I was a student was more than a happy to help me with the assignment and then shanghai me into helping with inventory.  When she took me over to where the other Media Specialist had left off, I found it was my old section from when I was a student assistant.  We got a laugh out of that one.  The collection has grown a lot if seven years as is now moved over two book cases.  I got too see some old “friends” and some new additions to the 700s.  I remember this one book, The Art Book, which was huge.  I hated it as a student because it was so cumbersome for me to handle and back then it went on the top shelf.  Which was a huge problem because, even with one of those famous library step stools, I can’t reach the top shelf.  I also ran into my old ninth grade bio teacher and the attendance lady.  Everyone was surprised that it’s been seven years since I set foot in those halls as a student and said I look exactly the same.  Alas, Mrs. Kettle and Mrs. Gioe who were the second Media Specialist and Media Assistant, respectively, were no long at Mitchell so I did not get to see them.  I really enjoyed helping out and think I’ll become an official county volunteer so I can go in and help with special things again.

And I know last time I said to keep an eye out for my review of Rampant, but I might put that off since I was unable to use it for class.  So far I’ve read Scot Westerfield’s Leviathan, Ann Brashare’s The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 4, Meg Cabot’s Teen Idol, Jean Kwok’s Girl in Translation, Gary Paulson’s Woods Runner, and Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.  I hope to start posting my reviews tomorrow.  Emphasis on Hope.  If I get time.  Life always seems to get in the way.


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