Why do I get the feeling the disscussion board is going to be the death of me?

Before this semester, I didn’t mind the class discussion boards that went along with my online classes.  I’ve posted in forums for years so talking to people in other parts of the state for a few participation points didn’t faze me.  But it’s starting to get annoying in my Library Administration class. In Foundations, we […]

Myth and Legend Combine in Diana Peterfreund’s Rampant

“Forget everythig you’ve ever known about unicorns…” is what the publisher says of this unique take on the myth’s and legends of unicorns.  For these are not your mother’s unicorns.  The unicorns of Rampant are vicious, man eating monsters. Despite everything her mother has always told her, Astrid Llewelyn does not beleive in unicorns.  Until […]

And we’re off…

Semester two is well underway and off to a good start. Unfortunately, I need a new computer.  Since my last post, my computer stopped turning on and Best Buy says it needs a new mother board.  It’s almost cheaper to get a new one .  I’ve tried to see if I can’t get it on […]