“It means go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in possession of ones faculties, three fries short of a Happy Meal, wacko!”

After my last post, I had planned to get back on track with weekly posts, but alas, that was not to be.  I was out of commission the next week due to one of my record breaking migraines, they week after that my mom was sick again, and then I’ve just had too much reading.

I’m in the home stretch now for this semester.  Only three weeks left.  I can’t wait to be done with Organization of Knowledge.  Have I mentioned how much a I hate, loathe,, and abhor group projects?  I’m sure I have.  I’ll be glad when we present next week and it is over and done with.  We are over are target on word count for the paper, I have my sections of the presentation slides done, and will meet with everyone else tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I missed last weeks meeting.  I got so wrapped up in researching for my Pathfinder for Basic that I lost track of time and forgot to go.  I feel horrible about it.  It’s so unlike me.  And I had it on my list of things to do that day and everything. I still don’t know how the presentation is going to work.  The prof wants each group member to present for 10 minutes.  I don’t quite know how that is going to work in Eluminate.  I need to check my mic since I haven’t been able to get it to work in Eluminate, yet it works fine in Skype.

I also have to find a paper topic in that class.  My good  friend, a librarian at Oxford, was kind enough to give me a few ideas.  I think I like the problems with the DDC.  So many problems to chose from!  I’m sure to find a lot of sources.  I hope.

As for Basic Info Sources and that Pathfinder?  If I have to read one more thing on Autism, I’m gonna go nuts!  It’s all starting to run together and sound like the same thing.  My eyes are glazing over, my head can’t handle it any more.  I have 46 sources.  I think it’s time to call it quits.  Thank the Force I don’t have to write a paper in this class as well.

The good news is all my readings are done.  Well, most of them.  I started not reading the repetitive ones and the extremely long ones so I could get all more work done in the week.  And I’ve gotten high marks so far on all my assignments.  So I think it will turn out to have been a good semester in the end.

Man I can’t wait for that Christmas Party at the Learning Lab, even if it’s a dry party.

2 thoughts on “If I don’t finish this semester soon I’m gonna lose it…

  1. Sounds like you need a Christmas break. It’s surprisingly tough-going, becoming a librarian, isn’t it?! But it also sounds like you’re doing well 🙂

    You’re very welcome for the ideas – glad some of them have sparked you off. Hope you can turn them into a good paper!

  2. Yeah, I do! I was trying to take a break and make art, but none of the tuts I found that I liked were working, or they were for sigs. Yes, it is! Who would have ever thought? I have a friend getting her masters in Nursing and she was like “Wow! You have a lot of work!”. I think I have more than her this semester. Pending how I do on these projects, I have a 4.0 in Basic and about a 3.5+ in Org. So I won’t get kicked out for being on conditional admission.

    Thank you! Mom and I were discussing them over lunch, and when I explained the DDC idea, she thought it was great. Now to convince my prof. I’ll do my best to turn it into a great paper. Of course, if I can spit out 20 pages on Margaret Atwood’s Lady Oracle, I think I can do 1800 words on the problems in the DDC.

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