A prize to the first person who know what I’m referencing!  Ok, so I can’t really give you a prize, but you get a virtual pat on the back.

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks reading for class, either sitting in front of the computer or sitting on the couch with my textbooks.  My neck hurts from trying to sit in front of the computer for so long.  My mom suggested printing all the articles I have to read out, even though that would waste a lot of paper and ink.  I tried that, and I ran out of ink in both of our printers.  Luckily, I had a spare cartridge for the one.  But that is going to cost a lot of extra money.

The readings for Organization of Knowledge are very dry, dull, and confusing.  I found my self re-reading parts.  And it all seems to say the same thing.  We read a bunch of articles this week on  studies done on OPACs and what users thought of them, and they all said the same basic stuff.  And some of the articles were about 15 years out of date, OPACs have improved significantly over the years I think.  I get that this is for the history of OPACs and to see where they came from and how they evolved, but nine articles on them is more than enough.

The readings for Basic Info Sources are much easier to read.  They aren’t as dry.  Of course, that could be because I’m more interested in reference.  Or it could just be that the content isn’t as dry.  However, I’m not sure how I feel about the Saturday meetings.  Did anyone know that the cafeteria and restaurants aren’t open on Saturdays?  I didn’t until some others in my class and I walked all the way to the Marshall center to find the restaurants, except Einstein’s, a smoothie place, and Beef O’ Brady’s were the only things open.  Or that they lock the doors to the buildings on weekends?  I got locked out and had to carry my rolling back pack up those outside stairs to the second floor lobby to find someone to let me in.    I’m going to have to bring a packed lunch next time.

As for the group projects, more on those later.

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