Ok, so I can’t think of a witty or sarcastic title this time, but my brain is a little on overload after reading for class for the past few days.

When youtube first came out, I didn’t see the attraction of watching a bunch of videos people make of themselves and upload to the Internet.  Gradually, though I became familiar with it.  I belong to the Gateworld forum (yes, I’m that much of a Stargate fan) and a lot of people make fan videos of their favorite characters or pairings and then post them for other posters to watch.  Almost all of these videos have been uploaded to youtube.  It’s amazing what you’ll find fan videos to and about.  These fan videos can range from the very well done to the mediocre to the truly horribly edited ones.  And some are quite funny.  One such funny video was brought to my attention by The Enchanted Serenity of Period Films blog that I found while doing Thing 2.  It  featured just about every Period Drama hero from Darcy to Watson set to “Every Girl’s Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man.”  You really must check it out.  You can also find music videos for your favorite artists on their personal accounts, and un official music videos and (gasp!) TV Shows and Movies.  I’ve also more recently been made aware of youtube channels.  I was looking for a music video of one of my favorite bands, Within Temptation and found a channel that had their Black Symphony concert on it.  I began watching it immediately, but it was taken down due to copyright before I could finish it.  I’ll have to see if I can find the DVD of it somewhere.

Since this is for LIS, I figured I search for Library Book Cart Drills though.  I first heard about these from some pictures of the Mid-Continent Library’s team performing during the St. Patty’s Day Parade in Kansas City, MO that my cousin, who is a library assistant there, posted on Facebook.  I looked at them, laughed, and thought nothing of it until I read The Book is Overdue! (If you haven’t read this book yet as a student, you should.  Not only is it hilarious, but it really shows what it is Librarians do and when someone asks you why you need a Masters to put books on a shelf, refer them to this book.)  Mrs. Johnson talks about them in her book and her experience watching them at a library convention.  There is the Night of the Living Librarians team, the Readin’ and Rollin’ team’s Flight of the Bumblee, the Book Diva’s.  If you search you find many, many, library book cart drills.  Then there was a video that just begged to be watched.  Librarians do Gaga.  And Libraries will Survive.

As for uses in libraries, a tour of the library would make a great video and reader’s advisory would be good on video.  Also trailers for upcoming programs would be a good promotional tool.  The librarians can also get creative and do their own book cart drills or remaking of a popular song with a library theme to promote their library.


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