Ok, so Librarything wasn’t on Oxford’s list, but after readig the posts of several of my classmates about Librarything, I just had to try it.  I am the Jedi_Librarian there and have 85 books cataloged.

It was easy to sign up.  All you had to do was create a username and password, no e-mail requied and no verifying of anything.  Then I clicked on add books and began searching.  But that’s where I hit a little snag.  When I clicked on a book from the list that came up after doing a search another screen came up and I just ignored it.  When I went back to look at my list, nothing had been added.  So I searched again and this time paid more attention to what that screen said.  It wanted to know where to get the information on the book, so I just selected and Viola!  It took me a few sessions to get everything added since I kept forgetting about books I had that aren’t doubled up on the one shelf I have.  A neat feature is that librarythig will tell you how many other people have a the books you have.   It’s really cool to be able to see just what you have in common with your co-workes or classmates.

I really need a bookcase.  I really thing Librarything is awesome.  It’s  a great way for librarians and book lovers everywhere to catalog their personal collections and network with people who share the love of the same books.


One thought on “Librarything

  1. LibraryThing is the one thing I wish we had included, and it was top of the list of things that people said they wished we had when we asked for feedback. It is a fabulous site, and I use it for my library to promote our new books (we’re vhllib on there). I’m actually going to be running an introduction to LibraryThing session for library staff at Oxford in July, so hopefully will be able to convert some more librarians to its wonders!

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