Delicious is a social bookmarking site run by Yahoo.  I never knew bookmarks could be social.  It was relatively easy to sign up since I have a Yahoo account already, but I made the mistake of installing the Delicious toolbar for Firefox thinking it would make things easier.  Instead it is annoying me.  Everything I add to Delicious is added to the toolbar and I find it annoying.  I can’t seem to uninstall it either.  Deleting an item from the toolbar also deletes it from Delicious so that really ticked me off.  I guess I’ll just have to hide it.

According to my list, I am supposed to sign up for Delicious and add a few of my favorite sites.  I added a few that I frequent almost every day, some I’m using for class, and a some for costuming.  I’m not sure if I like Delicious yet.  I don’t quite understand the social aspect of it.  I figured out that I can see who else has the sites I have bookmarked bookmarked.  I find it interesting and I guess this is the social aspect of it.

Stephanie uses it to bookmark readings and other things for our class which I think is very useful.  Personally, I don’t think I have a use for Delicious at the moment and I’m a little self conscious about people being able to see my geekiness right out in the open.

I do, however, see this as having use in libraries or by librarians.  It is a great way for the librarians to bookmark news – local, national, and international – that might impact the patrons and the people living in the area, bookmarks sites like Gaia and Solia that are safe and great places for teens to hang out on the web, bookmark advice and how to articles  – DIYs and parenting advice to new parents – would be great resources for patrons, the children’s librarian could add craft ideas, there could be articles and information on trends like green living and eating organic .  It is really limitless on the things the librarians could bookmark for patrons to use – news, resources, family centered things.  Or course, they could also bookmark items for their fellow librarians to use like Stephanie does.

One of the other Things to do on my list is to add someone to my Delicious network so I decided after the fact to add my professor’s Delicious bookmarks to my network so that I can always get to them even after I finish the class.


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