Flickr, Flickr, faster than lightning

Wow!  I didn’t expect Flickr to be so easy and user friendly.  I’ve used Photobucket a few times and their set up can be a pain in the mikta, especially since they are always “improving it”.  It was easy to create a Flickr account since I have a Yahoo e-mail address.  From there, it was a few quick clicks to creating the personal url, a userpic, and a profile.  And uploading was easy and fast.  I had fun choosing what pictures to share with my classmates to show off my personality and the things I’ve participated in.  I have a feeling you are all going to think I’m three fries short of a happy meal after you see them (yes, I am that big of a Geek that I went to the Star Wars Convention).

Flickr could be used by libraries and librarians to show off pictures of the library, pictures of the librarians with a caption telling people who they are and their role at the library, and to show off pictures of past events as a way to promote the library.  Showing off pictures of past events is a great way to tell people what the missed and what is available outside of the traditional things people associate with libraries.  This could be embedded on the libraries website or on their blog if they have one.  I think it is a fast and easy way to get the word out there to the public on what is happening at their local library.

Now, let’s see if I can add a link with a title to click on…

My Flickr pictures.



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