RSS Feeds and Google Reader

As the next thing to do was to create an RSS Feed and find some blogs of interest, I set about doing this last week.  I remember in my Sociology class my first semester at UT, I had an assignment were I had to write a paper on social stratification in another country.  I chose Russia.  We had to find 25 (or was it 20?) news articles to use to write our paper.  The professor did a presentation one day on how to set up a RSS Feed for news outlets using something that I think started with a Z.  Well, by the time he was done with his spiel I was so confused I had to find my articles the old fashioned way.  But thanks to the link Stephanie provided on Blackboard to the Plain English site, I easily understood what to do.

I had initially hoped to add my Google Reader feed to to my USF Google mail, Calender, and Docs area of Blackboard.  Unfortunately, after spending at least 30 minutes trying to add it, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t.  I wanted them all in one place sine I need to follow LIS Blogs for another assignment.  I didn’t want to forget to read them after all.  Luckily, I remembered that I have another Google account.  I spent five weeks as a copy editor for UT’s campus paper, The Minaret.  Instead of printing the articles out and passing them around to everyone to edit, we used Google Docs to upload and send the articles to one another to be edited.  If only I could remember my darn password.  I had to reset the whole thing, but once I did I found it was as easy to set up as the video said.

I then opened the link provided on the LIS Blogs assignment page and read through the list of blogs to find ones I thought might interest me.  I found two blogs each from three different categories and added them to my Google Reader.  I’ve also added a few blogs of personal interest.  I found them quite by accident actually.  I was looking for pictures of the costumes in the show Downton Abbey that PBS has been showing on Masterpiece and came across three blogs devoted to just that, costumes and Period Dramas. I never saw myself as the kind of person that would follow blogs, but now I think I’m becoming one.

RSS feeds in libraries on the other hand, I’m not sure about.  You could add local and national news outlets to the feed and post the feed on the library’s home page so that patrons have easy access to news.  Librarians could also use them in the way that we are for our LIS blogs assignment as a way to keep up on the latest trends in LIS.    For now, those are the only uses I can think of.  But I will try to think of more.


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